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Aspire: Knowledge, Skill & Confidence

for the Helping Profession

Welcome to Aspire Training & Consulting!

Aspire services focus on supporting the helping professional in providing direct care in our communities; i.e. nonprofit, human service, healthcare, criminal justice, governmental and other agencies. Our mission is to strengthen the efficiency and effectiveness of client services by enhancing the knowledge, skill and confidence of direct care providers, managers and administrators.

We believe that you can achieve whatever you aspire to achieve. We believe that change happens with you!


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Aspire Training & Consulting was founded by me; the funny & knowledgeable, Melinda Marasch. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a social work/mental health consultant who has dedicated more than 20 years to my passion of helping others. I think I’m funny; others say I’m witty, personable and engaging. And I know my stuff. I specialize in providing knowledge and skill in a very practical way, so that you can take what you learned and use it immediately.


“Thank you for taking the time to discuss the topics and helping to relate them to our personal cases. I wish I had this course prior to beginning my time as a Medical Case Manager and the opportunity to continue this training throughout my career to ensure I am a competent Medical Case Manager.”

-Brice, Medical Case Manager

“Great course! While the virtual sessions weren't what we were hoping for, you all still made them very personable and enjoyable. The content matter could not be better!"

-Amy, Clinical Supervisor

“Many people can claim expertise, but few have mastered the art of training others. When a training request comes in from our participants, Melinda Marasch, is on my short list to call.

As the coordinator of a statewide technical assistance program for the affordable housing industty, I have a diverse customer base and a long list of complex topics to deliver. Melinda is one of our preferred trainers because she is professional, reliable and adaptive. She is thoughtful in the design of her classes, customizing them to address the day to day concerns of our audience and actively engaging participants in the application of new concepts. Her broad professional background has given her the ability to train on a wide range of topics. She is an excellent facilitator and I trust her with any group."

-Belinda, chfareach Coordinator, Asset Management



Invest in staff who will in turn invest in the agency, program and participants. Enhancing staff knowledge, skill and confidence often results in…

  • Enhanced staff satisfaction

  • Enhanced participant satisfaction

  • Relief from turnover, i.e. employee retention

  • Development of a skilled workforce

  • Improved staff confidence

  • High compliance ratings


Aspire’s goal is to become your long-term partner toward the best participant care possible. Aspire helps organizations with compliance, engagement and retention, program development, best practice implementation and more. The benefits of consultation can include…

  • Improved bottom line

  • More efficient and effective services

  • High compliance ratings

  • Improved engagement and retention of participants

Reflective/Clinical Supervision

Reflective/clinical supervision provides support to the helping professional, ensuring that they have the knowledge, skill and confidence needed to deliver efficient and effective services. Reflective/clinical supervision addresses the what, why, how & how well of service provision. This support often leads to …

  • Strengthened positive agency &/or program culture

  • Enhanced staff satisfaction

  • Enhanced participant satisfaction

  • Relief from turnover, i.e. employee retention

  • Improved staff confidence


Contact me now for a free consultation or more information

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