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Training, consultation & reflective/clinical supervision services at Aspire are customized to your needs. Experience, expertise and humor enhance all and help ensure that what you ask for is what you get. Most of Aspire services are provided by me, Melinda Marasch, LCSW; while I enjoy collaborating with others, as well.


My expertise includes helping non-therapist direct care workers provide efficient, effective, therapeutic-based care for participants. I use humor in all that I do. My training motto is, “If I have to talk all day, I’m going to have fun. You can come along for the ride or not.” I am a member of the international Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT), providing Motivational Interviewing training and consulting at national, state and local conferences, as well as for programs, agencies and the general helping public. I’ve worked with stress and trauma my whole career, and completed a Traumatic Stress Studies course in Trauma Informed Care so that I could enhance my Healing (Trauma) Informed Care training and consulting, also provided around the nation and locally. I have had the pleasure of collaborating with many, offering numerous trainings and consultation across the U.S. on other topics, as well, including self-care, mental health issues, de-escalation, change management, and more. I think my knowledge base, dedication to practicality, and my comedic timing helps create an excellent atmosphere to learn and apply theories and approaches. I help agencies, programs and professionals meet staff and participant needs.


My experience includes providing direct care through on-call crisis care following disruptive events, and adult intensive outpatient care. As a clinical social worker, trainer and consultant, I have experience in residential, school & outpatient care; within criminal justice, healthcare, public departments of humans services, TANF, workforce, housing, and community-based organizations. Working with non-therapist direct care workers has become an area of expertise for me. I help people understand how to translate Motivational Interviewing, Healing (Trauma) Informed Care and more into practice within their scope of work. Aspire works with many direct care staff, including.


  • Administrators/managers

  • Psychotherapists/counselors

  • Treatment specialists

  • Social workers

  • Medical case managers/case managers

  • Navigators

  • Coaches

  • Advocates

  • Peer support/outreach workers

  • Emergency medical services personnel (EMS)

  • Law enforcement officers

  • Correctional officers

  • Probation/parole agents

  • And many more 

I try to bring a fun-loving practical, psychoeducational approach to all that I do. I help agencies, programs and professional understand the importance of knowing what they are doing, why and how. Together we enhance the ability for staff to be proactive, compassionate and confident in the services provided.


I love to be a part of the long-term team, ensuring that knowledge leads to enhanced skills, increased confidence and sound services over the long haul. Together we can find joy and fulfillment in the helping field.


Contact me to discuss your needs now. 

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